Mobile-Friendliness… What is It and Why is It Important Anyway?

When building a website for the first time, or deciding between a website or mobile application, the question about mobile-friendliness inevitably arises.  What is mobile friendliness and why is it important anyway?

Mobile friendliness is a version of your website that conforms to a mobile device.  In other words, your website can be optimally viewed on a mobile phone, smartphone or mini-tablet without having to pinch and zoom, or swipe left or right for more viewing.

For example, have you ever visited a website on your mobile phone and noticed that the website’s text is too small to read?  Or have you ever been forced to swipe left or right just to “see the rest of the website or continue reading?  Well, it is not because your mobile phone’s screen is too small, it is because the website does not recognize that it is being displayed on a mobile device, which has different requirements for viewing all together.

1. Mobile Use on the Rise

Mobile use is on the rise and is increasing every month at a phenomenal rate. According to Marketpath, 58% of Americans own a smartphone. Believe it or not there are more smartphones on Earth than there are people!   This means more and more people are viewing your website from a mobile device each month will only increase in the future.  Think about this: 25% of Internet users in the US only access the Internet on a mobile device!

2. Google Loves Mobile

According to Statista, about 91% of Internet users search on Google, as opposed to Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine. Combine that with the fact that Google identifies if a website is mobile friendly and favors it when displaying search results.  So if the biggest search engine loves mobile, you better be mobile-friendly if you want any chance to be found in the first two pages of results.

3. Your Phone is So Personal

Mobile websites are especially crucial for local service-based businesses like locksmith services, for example. When someone has lost their keys and are in need of emergency services like a locksmith, those people will almost certainly go to search for one on their mobile device.  This is the result on your mobile device being so personal and usually at reach.

Google says about 61% of Users are unlikely to return to a mobile-website they had trouble accessing and 40% will simply leave and visit a competitor’s website site instead.

So, if you plan on building or re-designing your website, be sure to consider its mobile friendliness.  To learn more about the advantages of having a mobile-friendly website, contact us here.