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East LA’s First Digital Agency





DIGITALIA creates exceptional, digitally enhanced, User Experiences by deciphering data which indicates usage, trends and ultimately what visitors really want.  We apply analytics, insights, CTR and conversion rates to determine your best viable platform, and also to outline the next step of growth for your online presence.  We prompt your social media’s growth.  We track your competitor’s SEO rankings, comparatively, and we monitor your website’s user-base.  All this just to provide data points for every step of your marketing campaign until we reach, and surpass, your goals.  There is no guessing, no skepticism, no nada.  There is only informed decision making processes that ensure a successful outcome for your campaign.  Actually it’s our success too because when your online business grows, we grow right along with you!

Web + eCommerce

Our web services cross an array of programming languages.  From simple marketing solutions to enterprise-wide web solutions. Let us show you how!

Mobile Apps

We build Apps for iOS & Android devices. Smartphones, Smartwatches, Tablets.  We work on them all but ask us about our Native Ads!


Can your company be found in a search engine without typing in the name? If not, we should talk.


Leverage the power of social media to tell the story of your brand.  People are waiting to hear it!

Rich Graphics + Video

We work with the strongest influencer out there and we know how to leverage its power to work for you.

Ads + Email Campaigns

We grow our campaigns organically. Whether it’s Facebook Ads + Google Adwords or eBlasts, we keep it simple by starting organic.

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    Our projects

    From WordPress to Magento, Content Distribution Platforms to little ol’ CMS websites.  We’ve programmed, marketed and monitored every type of website imaginable.  20+ years building web and mobile apps will teach one how to succeed in the new Internet of Things.


    Rapid Reticle

    eCommerce Website

    Gustavo Vargas Advertising

    Bilingual Website

    Sahag Majarian

    Bilingual Website

    Our All-Star Staff

    DIGITALIA’s  core members are almost exclusively all from Los Angeles and bring the tenacity that agency life demands in LA. Each individual brings exactly what is needed and at the right point in the life cycle of a project.  Web design needs require dynamic individuals who are quick wit and sharp. Digital Marketing agencies demand them.  If you’ve ever been in an agency environment you know it is demanding, dynamic and fast-paced, unless you’re in the SEO department!  So, starting at point-coder, hailing from the development pit…

    Doug Ruiz


    Doug is the veteran in this group with 22 years of web experience. Yes, there was an internet in 1996.
    He’s born and raised in Boyle Heights, a working-class barrio just outside the heart of Los Angeles.  Doug went to Roosevelt High, graduated from UC Berkeley and started off his online marketing career.  He loves SEO.

    Michelle Shaihor

    Social Media

    Michelle brings a quite, confident, attitude to the team and with a background in economics, she’s great at reading her campaign’s use-metrics.  Born and raised in Walnut CA, Michelle is part of DIGITALIA’s Social Media Marketing team. She is currently attending California State University, Los Angeles and pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a Minor in Economics. She enjoys reading, concerts, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. Michelle is a self-proclaimed ‘foodie’.

    Matt Pineda

    New Business

    Los Angeles entrepreneur Matthew Pineda is known for his creative design and social media marketing abilities.

    Joseph Vamsavardhan

    SEO + SEM

    Joseph Vamsavardhan is an industry veteran with over 10 years experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing. He leads DIGITALIA’s SEO & SEM efforts with a soft enthusiasm and has worked with many marquee clients. He helps his clients increase their search engine presence and ranking. Joseph is a highly motivated, team player. He specializes in building customized digital marketing strategies stemming from use-metrics and analytics. In recent years, he has focused his efforts on Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Online Reputation Management and Reverse Marketing. Joe loves music, photography, outdoors and nature, and baroque music. He considers himself to be simple, insightful and self-disciplined.


    Front-End Developer

    Fernando has been a Software Engineer and Web Developer since 2007. Having been involved in the development of countless sites and challenging projects from around the world, he’s built up his experience with Joomla, Virtuemart, WordPress and Woocommerce.   He’s placed an emphasis on mobile friendly, responsive design. Fernando lives and works in Argentina, which allows him to share real-time communications with DIGITALIA. Fernando never, ever leaves a project halfway done, even if he has to work late into the evening. He never gives up.

    client testimonials

    Below are testimonials from active and recent clients.


    Our Web Agency’s Clients

    Below is a list of past and present clients. From global conglomerates like Toyota, to local SMB’s throughout California.  We’ve worked with all manner of clientele and have provided digital marketing consulting on all types of projects.  From political campaigns, e-commerce projects as well as SEO services and Social Media Marketing including Native-Ads campaign management.

    So, what can we do for you?